To assist Bellinger Landcare to seek funding opportunities, we are providing you with a brief Expression of Interest Form.

A collaborative/overarching project is more likely to receive funds than small individual projects.

Completing this form does not automatically put your project into a wider application. It will depend on the scope of EoI’s returned, fitting into objectives of specific Funding Programs, and what the funding priorities are at the time.

If you are interested in and have the ability to implement environmental projects on your property over the next couple of years, please return this form as soon as possible. If there are enough landholders seeking similar projects, Bellinger Landcare will use your EoI towards a collaborative submission (with your permission). Landholders need to demonstrate sound contributions in time or materials and a commitment to maintaining project work beyond the life of the funded project, to be considered for inclusion in grant funding for on-ground works.

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