North Coast Regional Landcare Network: a Regional Voice

In 2009 the 13 Landcare networks across the North and Mid-North Coast Region joined together to create the North Coast Regional Landcare Network. The Network is an incorporated body which aims to

  • present a regional Landcare voice and perspective in communication with the North Coast Local Land Services and other government and non-government agencies
  • provide support for member networks
  • communicate information and ideas amongst members
  • facilitate regional scale landcare projects

In 2010 NCRLN secured funding from the Australian Government to employ and manage a Regional Landcare Facilitator (RLF) whose role is to work with the regional community to increase the uptake of sustainable farming practices and provision of ecosystem services. The Regional Landcare Facilitator is Chrisy Clay based in Lismore.

More recently, the NSW Government has provided $15 million over four years to renew the government-community relationship and unlock the full potential of the thousands of volunteers in the Landcare network.

Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative Overview

The program reflects the sentiment of the Memorandum of Understanding between Local Land Services and Landcare NSW.  It has been designed to put Landcare on a more sustainable footing, with the majority of the funds going to community-based local coordinator positions.

It is a new commitment to support regional Landcare Networks and local groups and will not be allocated for on-ground works.

The 2015-19 Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative is significant in both its commitment of funds and also in its joint management approach.  It will be collaboratively managed by Landcare NSW and the NSW Government, through Local Land Services.  Parties involved are keen to make this opportunity work and to build a positive working relationship between Landcare and Local Land Services at all levels.

The collaborative efforts to get to this point have been a great example, by the many Landcare groups and networks in developing their host organisation applications and between the organisations in managing in Initiative.

The key roles involved include the State Landcare Coordinator with Landcare NSW and the Manager Landcare Program with Local Land Services.