As part of this project we have delivered a number of projects designed to promote best practice river management, the latest one was held as part of the LeaF program. Barbara Moore from Never Never took us through the basics of seed collection and propagation for a number of well-known riparian species. 

In response to a high level of community concern over degraded terrestrial and aquatic habitat along the Bellinger River, this project will educate riparian landholders and the general community about the value of healthy riparian vegetation. A recent rare turtle mortality event triggered an unprecedented inter-agency State government emergency response involving NPWS, DPI, North Coast Local Land Services and Taronga Zoo. To address habitat degradation, Bellinger Landcare will work with stakeholders to create a booklet & workshop series on best practice river rehabilitation, facilitating and promoting active landholder and community engagement in on- ground works to regenerate Lowland Subtropical Rainforest an Endangered Ecological Community. Turtle ART copy

George is a wise and dapper Bellinger River Snapping Turtle (Myuchelys georgesi). He was created by local artist Jackson Rae

This project is kindly supported by the NSW Environmental Trust DECCW_ETlogo