Bellinger Landcare Inc is pleased to announce that Bellinger we are now supporting the Common Myna invasive bird control program as we have received funding from Bellingen Shire Council to keep our doors open an extra one day per week during 2019/20.

The Common Myna is one of the world’s 100 most invasive species. It threatens biodiversity as it pushes nesting native animals from tree hollows. The birds can lay 6 eggs at a time and breed 3 times in a breeding season. That’s potentiality 18 chicks per each pair of birds in one year. This means that one breeding pair can grow to a population of 13,000 within 5 years!

We’re currently in need of assistance from community members to help fix some of the traps with have which aren’t functioning as they should. We’re also interested from hearing from people who can construct new traps to support the program. Detailed plans and guidance are available.

We’re also asking people who may have previously used a trap to return it to us for others to use.

Once we have traps in good working order Bellinger Landcare will send out the news. At that stage we’d like to hear from residents encountering Common Mynas in the Bellingen Shire. We supply the traps to residents and provide instructions regarding baits etc. One of our dedicated volunteers then picks up the traps and birds to dispose of them according to an RSPCA approved process.

Important actions you can also take today are to discourage the pest birds are as follows.

  • remove accessible pet food
  • cover compost piles
  • create a native garden to attract our local native birds.

It’s timely to start controlling Common Mynas before the start of the breeding season and particularly because we’re expecting our spring migrant birds to arrive in August and September. Some notable spring migrants are the Rainbow Bee-eater, Rufous Whistler, Spectacled Monarch, Olive-backed Oriole, Spangled Drongo and White-throated Gerygone.

To help out please email or phone 0490 857 879.