Landcare, through the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund, worked with fourteen Shire landholders to protect riparian biodiversity and enhance stream health by providing fencing and water troughs to eliminate or control stock access, use professional contractors to assist in weed control, and provide plants when needed to accelerate regeneration. Five regeneration teams were involved. This project was part of our mission to empower our community to create healthy ecosystems across the Shire. Pictured is one of our local bush regenerators and landholders contemplating the best way to remove the privet understory and regenerate the native canopy in a gully up on the plateau.

Nearly twenty hectares of riparian land was regenerated, using over three kilometres of fencing, over two thousands plants and over 1600 hours of paid regeneration work, plus the in kind contribution of the landholders in erecting fencing, establishing the plants, working alongside the regenerators, and maintaining the work into the future.

Workshops were also provided to Shire residents to help regenerate soils, enhanced by the creation of four fact sheets (available on our main regenerative farming page)